Affiliated Members

MISSIONARIES OF MERCY is an ECCLESIAL FAMILY composed of consecrated and affiliated members. Consecrated members live in community.

  • The community life of the ecclesial family finds its source and model in the Trinity, a communion of love – a community of distinct persons, a community rich in mercy.

  • Community is lived variously in stable nondisaster, post-disaster and chronic disaster situations. In each, though, the consecrated members form the core of the community. Affiliated members of the ecclesial family who might be associated with a particular stable nondisaster community or even present in a disaster or post disaster situation participate to some degree in community life as well. As such community life is a means to promote unity and to live mercy, which is the heart of the charism, the ministry and the spirituality of the ecclesial family.

  • Affiliated members of the ecclesial family are those lay (married and single), religious, and ordained people who are somehow bound to the family by association with a particular stable nondisaster community. They are not expected to live in community. Affiliated members live the evangelical counsels according to their state of life and participate in the charism through prayer and service to both the family and those in need.

Are you called to be an affiliated member of the Missionaries of Mercy

  • Do you want to be part of a family that does  the Lord’s work – serving the neediest of the needy?

  • Are you a lay man or woman, religious or ordained person who would like to help through prayer and service?

  • Do you want to be a Missionary of Mercy?


If so, please introduce yourself via the form below. And pray to the Lord of the Harvest that He may strengthen you in your vocation and also call others for His work of Salvation.

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