Mary Christmas!

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Jesus I trust in You – Ad Maiorem Misericordiae Dei Gloriam


Dear Friends,

Salus et pax. I have good news. Jesus is coming!

Yes, Advent is drawing to a close and Christmas is not too far away. And that is good news. There is more though.

SOS DRS continues its good work supporting relief efforts in Haiti, Kenya, the Philippines and elsewhere. Thanks for your continued help. And that is not all. Christmas came early for me this year.

Fr. Renato Salvatore, the Superior General of the Camillians, has given me permission to establish the Missionaries of Mercy (MoM), a family of consecrated men and women that will – Deo volente – include priests, sisters and associated lay and ordained people. We will live, work and worship together. We will witness to Divine Mercy through serving the neediest of the needy in man-made and natural disasters. This new movement of the Spirit is a fruit of the good work of SOS DRS and the rest of the CTF. And that is good news.

While establishing MoM I will remain a Camillian priest in full dialogue with my Superior General. I will also be working closely with Archbishop Thomas Wenski who has agreed to let me found MoM in the Archdiocese of Miami. Another bit of good news!

In order to financially support MoM, the Fr. General has also allowed me to start a non-profit charity named Missionaries of Mercy, Inc. In fact, it is already incorporated in Florida, and I have submitted all the documentation to the IRS for MoM, Inc. to become tax-exempt. We can already receive tax-deductible donations.

Because of these new and demanding responsibilities, I will step down from the presidency of SOS DRS on December 31, 2012. Its good efforts will continue, though, and I will collaborate with SOS DRS/CTF – particularly in Haiti. There and in the US I will devote my full attention to both witnessing to Divine Mercy as a doctor/priest and to establishing and financially supporting MoM. That will entail disaster relief activities, the formation of people who want to be members of MoM (priests, sisters, lay people, etc.) and supporting the development of a MoM community. All this is truly good news.

I would like to thank all of you who have helped me/our mission – some since the founding of the CTF in 2004; others since I started SOS DRS in 2008; some more recently. Your prayers, financial support and active participation in our mission have played an essential part of our witnessing to the Lord’s Mercy in man-made and natural disasters – some 24 disasters in 8 years! We have come a long way together.

I am nervously excited at the prospect of establishing MoM. The faith and the example of two other founders – Blessed Mother Theresa and St. Francis of Assisi – are a help and an inspiration for me. They persevered in the face of many challenges. I am also encouraged that numerous people chose to support them. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

There is much work to do – in Haiti and elsewhere. There are still many people in camps in Port au Prince; the country was devastated by an earthquake, a hurricane and then the cholera epidemic; 2 tropical storms hit this year, Sandy being the most recent.

SOS DRS has been working in Haiti since the 2010 earthquake, and I have been coordinating that relief effort. We envision continuing to serve the poor, the sick and the dying by providing medical, humanitarian and pastoral care in Haiti. Misericordia Christi urget nos.

Many are suffering from disasters in Haiti, Africa, the Philippines, the US and elsewhere. Will you help us as we serve them? In anticipation of your generosity I offer my thanks.

Know that you are in my prayers during this Advent Season – a time to spread the good news. I hope that you and your family have a very Mary Christmas!

Sincerely in Christ, through Mary –

Fr. Scott Francis Binet MD, MI
Family Physician
President – SOS DRS
Founder – Missionaries of Mercy (MoM)

PS – You can contact me by writing to: 8009 Miramar Parkway, Florida 33025; calling 414-731-7318; or sending me an e-mail at

PPS – In the picture, Fr. Scott Francis and Sr. Theresa, a Brazilian nurse working in Port au Prince, attend to a pregnant woman who is very close to delivering.  When in Port au Prince Fr. Scott Francis collaborates with other religious through providing medical care at an ambulatory clinic started by a group of Brazilian Franciscans. Fr. Scott Francis has been working in Haiti since the earthquake of 2010. He is pictured wearing an SOS DRS/Missionaries of Mercy shirt, emphasizing the collaboration between the two entities.

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