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November 2

Saint Eustace


Patron Saint against Fire, of Firefighters,

Hunters, Trappers, Torture Victims,

Difficult or Desperate Situations


September 20 (Western Church)

November 2 (Eastern Church)

December 13 (Melkite Greek Catholic Church)


against fire

difficult or deperate situations

fire prevention





Madrid, Spain

Poli, Italy

torture victims


Extract from:  The Golden Legend The Life of Saint Eustace: “Eustace, which first was named Placidus, was master of the chivalry of Trajan, the emperor, and was right busy in the works of mercy, but he was a worshipper of idols. And he had a wife of the same rite, and also of the deeds of mercy, of whom he had two sons, which he did do nourish after his estate. And because he was attentive to the works of mercy, he deserved to be illumined to the way of truth. So on a day, as he was on hunting, he found an herd of harts, among whom he saw one more fair and greater than the other, which departed from the company and sprang into the thickest of the forest. And the other knights ran after the other harts, but Placidus slewed him with all his might, and enforced to take him. . . . And as he beheld and considered the hart diligently, he saw between his horns the form of the holy cross shining more clear than the sun, and the image of Christ, which by the mouth of the hart, like as sometime Balaam by the ass, spake to him, saying: Placidus, wherefore followest me hither? I am appeared to thee in this beast for the grace of thee. I am Jesus Christ . . . and therefore I come hither so that by this hart that thou huntest I may hunt thee. . . . they went to the bishop of Rome at midnight, which baptized them with great joy, and named Placidus, Eustace, and his wife, Theospis. . . . “ See PICTURE of St. Eustace. See also: Saint Eustace (Multilingual), Saint Eustachius, (EN), SAINT EUSTACHIUS and HIS FAMILY Martyrs († ca. 118) (EN), SAN EUSTAQUIO y SUS COMPAÑEROS, Mártires (SP), Sant’ Eustachio Placido (IT), SAINT EUSTACHE et SES COMPAGNONS (FR), Żywot św. Eustachego i jego rodziny, Męczenników (PO). VIDEO: San Eustaquio se convirtió al cristianismo un día de caza.



The Missionaries of Mercy and our collaborators have prayed for the intercession of St. Eustace on behalf of those affected by the following disasters:

Violence in Sudan Date) (December, 2011) (Africa)  See World Mission Rosary Intentions – December 20- January 2, 2011.


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