S.Martin of Tours

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November 11; July 4

Saint Martin of Tours


Patron Saint of Frnace, Equestrians, Innkeepers,

Soldiers,Tailors, Vinters;

Against Poverty and Alcoholism


November 11

July 4 (Dedication of his Basilica)


against alcoholism

against impoverishment

against poverty





horse men




Pontifical Swiss Guards


reformed alcoholics





wine growers

wine makers


Archdiocese of Grouard – McLennan, Alberta

Archdiocese of  Mainz, Germany

Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart, Germany

Archdiocese of Tours, France

Alzano Lombardo, Croatia

Beli Manastir, Croatia

Belluno, Italy

Bocaue, Philippines

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Burgenland, Austria

Canossa, Italy

Castel Focognano, Italy

Castel San Niccolò, Italy

Cimego, Italy

Dieburg, Germany

Edingen, Germany

Foiano della Chiana, Italy

Kortijk-Dutsel, Belgium

Montemagno, Italy

Olpe, Germany

Peschiera del Garda, Italy

Pianello del Lario, Italy

Pietrasanta, Italy

Taal, Batangas, Philippines

erucchio, Italy

Virje, Croatia

Wankum, Germany

Wissmannsdorf, Germany

Extract From: SAINT MARTIN OF TOURS BISHOP, CONFESSOR—316-400 “St. Martin, called ‘the glory of Gaul,’ was born about the year 316 of pagan parents in Sabaria, Upper Pannonia, a province comprising northern Yugoslavia and western Hungary. . . . As the son of a veteran, at the age of fifteen he was required to begin service in the army. Though never shirking his military duty, he is said to have lived more like a monk than a soldier. Young Martin was stationed at Amiens, in Gaul, when the incident occurred which tradition and art have rendered so famous. As he rode towards the town one winter day, he noticed near the gates a poor man, thinly clad, shivering with cold, and begging alms. Martin saw that none who passed stopped to help the miserable fellow. He had nothing with him but the clothes he wore, but, drawing his sword from its scabbard, he cut his great woolen cloak in two pieces, gave one half to the beggar, and wrapped himself in the other. The following night, the story continues, Martin in his sleep saw Jesus Christ, surrounded by angels, and dressed in the half of the cloak he had given away. A voice bade him look at it well and say whether he knew it. He then heard Jesus say to the angels, “Martin, as yet only a catechumen, has covered me with his cloak.”[1] Sulpicius Severus, the saint’s friend and biographer, says that as a consequence of this vision Martin “flew to be baptized.” . . . . Even as a bishop, Martin lived an austere life.. . . Martin’s piety and preaching resulted in the decline of paganism in that part of Gaul. See also:  Saint Martin of ToursSee picture of Saint Martin of Tours, See videos:  Saint Martin of Tours: Nov. 11, The Story of Saint Martin, and Prayers to St. Martin of Tours.



The Missionaries of Mercy and our collaborators have prayed for the intercession of St. Martin of Tours on behalf of those affected by the following disasters:

Storms in France (June, 2010) (Europe) See World Mission RosaryIntentions – June 21-July 4, 2010.


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