OLG Extremadura (May 24)

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May 24

Saint Mary,

Our Lady of Guadalupe Extremadura

Patron Saint of Spain



Extract from The Story of Our Lady of Guadalupe:  “There was a statue of the Black Madonna reputed to have been carved by Saint Luke the Evangelist. The statue came to be in the possession of Pope Gregory the Great. . . . When Seville was taken by the Moors in 711, a group of priests fled northward and buried the statue in the hills near the Guadalupe River in Extremadura. In 1326, Gil Cordero, a humble herder in an area near the Guadalupe River, went looking for one of his cows. When he found the animal dead, he began to skin it for the leather. Gil made the first cross-shaped incision, and the cow sprang back to life. At that moment, the Virgin Mary appeared to Gil. She instructed him to go home and tell the local clerics of his vision and to have them return to the place where the cow had lain. The men were to dig there, find an image of the Virgin, and build a shrine on the spot to house the image. When Gil went home, he found that one of his sons had died. Gil prayed to the Virgin Mary, and the boy came back to life. This helped convince the clerics that Gil’s story of the apparition was true, and they dug up an iron casket with a perfectly preserved statue of the Black Madonna, along with documents attesting her origins, in other words, evidence of the statue’s provenance. . . “  See picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe Extremadura.  See also Our Lady of Guadalupe, ExtremaduraOur Lady of Guadalupe, Extremadura.


The Missionaries of Mercy and our collaborators have prayed for the intercession of St. Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe Extremadura  on behalf of those affected by the following disasters:


Train Accident in Spain (June 23, 2010) (Oceania) See World Mission Rosary Intentions:  July 5 – July 18, 2010.




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