St.John Nepomucene(Mar.20)

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March 20

Saint John Nepomucene

Patron Saint of

Bridge Builders, Confessors, Czech Republic;

Against Floods


Feast Dates:

16 May

20 March (Dominicans)

Additional Patronage:

against calumnies, against floods, against indiscretions, against slander, Bohemia, bridge builders, bridges, confessors, Czech Republic, for discretion, for good confession, running water, silence


Archdiocese of Prague, Czech Republic


Extract from Saint John Nepomucene: “Saint John Nepomucene was born in 1330, in answer to the prayer of his parents, who were poor folk of Nepomuc in Bohemia. In gratitude they consecrated him to God. His holy life as a priest led to his appointment as chaplain to the court of the Emperor Wenceslaus, where he converted many by his preaching and example. Among those who sought his advice was the virtuous empress, who suffered much from her husband’s unfounded jealousy. Saint John taught her to bear her cross with joy; but her piety only incensed the emperor, and he tried to extort an account of her confessions from the Saint. He threw Saint John into a dungeon but gained nothing; then, inviting him to his palace, he promised him riches if he would yield, and threatened death if he refused. The Saint was silent. He was racked and burnt with torches; but no words except the holy names of Jesus and Mary fell from his lips.” See picture of John of Nepomucene.


The Missionaries of Mercy and our collaborators have prayed for the intercession of St. John Nepomucene on behalf of those affected by the following disasters:

Flooding in New South Whales, Australia  (Winter, 2010) (Oceania) See World Mission Rosary Intentions: February 15 – February 28, 2010.



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