St. Bridget of Sweden(July 23)

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July 23

Saint Bridget

of Sweden

.Patron Saint of Europe, Sweden, Widows



July 23

8 October (Traditional Roman Catholics)





Extract from St. Bridget of Sweden (1303-1373): “St. Bridget had the gift of prophecy and worked many marvellous cures. Once widowed, she lived an ascetic life, eating very little, sleeping short hours, and praying continually. She followed a strict rule and practiced every possible kind of charitable work, even reducing herself to begging. She received constant inspirations which were either taken down by her chaplain and put into Latin, thus becoming known as her ‘Revelations,’ or took the form of letters to the succeeding popes, cardinals, and secular rulers of the day, telling them of their wickedness and how to reform their lives. Both in Sweden and in Rome she was either hated violently or loved as a saint. ‘Strong and full of courage,’ she was ‘homely and kind and had a laughing face.’” See also: VIDEOS: St. Bridget of Sweden, Revelations of St. Bridget of Sweden, Book 1, Chapter 1, St Bridget of Sweden Feast Day (October 8) Traditional Calender, SAINTS SPEAK: St. Birgitta of Sweden (Holy Mary), PRAYERS of St. Bridget of Sweden.
Extract from St Bridget of Sweden: “(b. 1303) (d. July 23, 1373)  Bridget began receiving visions, most of the Crucifixion, at age seven. Her mother died c.1315 when the girl was about twelve years old, and she was raised and educated by an equally pious aunt. In 1316, at the age of 13, Bridget wed prince Ulfo of Nercia in an arranged marriage. She was a mother of eight, including Saint Catherine of Sweden. Friend and counselor to many priests and theologians of her day. Chief lady-in-waiting to Queen Blanche of Namur in 1335, from which position she counseled and guided the Queen and King Magnus II. After Ulfo’s death in 1344 and following a pilgrimage in Spain, she pursued a religious life, for which she was harassed by others at the court. Bridget eventually renounced her title of princess. She recorded the revelations given her in her visions, and these became hugely popular in the middle Ages. Bridget founded the Order of the Most Holy Savior (Bridgettines) at Vadstena, Sweden in 1346.”



The Missionaries of Mercy and our collaborators have prayed for the intercession of St. Norbert of Xanten on behalf of those affected by the following disasters:

Flooding in Bosnia and Herzegovina (January, February 2009) (Europe) See World Mission Rosary Intentions:  March 2 – March 16, 2009

Years of Conflict/Major Economic Restructuring in Albania, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Kosovo, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia (Ongoing) (Europe) See World Mission Rosary Intentions:  February 16 – March 1, 2009.


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