St. Thorlac Thorhallsson(Dec.23)

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July 20; December 23

Saint Thorlac



.Patron Saint of Iceland



December 23

July 20 (translation of relics)



Extract from Saint Thorlac Thorhallsson:  “Saint Thorlac was born in the south of Iceland in 1133. His parents were quite poor. They lost their farm and the family broke up while he was still a boy. . . .  Before he was 20 Thorlac became a priest. . . . He was 6 years in Paris, France and then some time in Lincoln, England. . . . Thorlac worked hard to reform the nation (Iceland) and to strengthen the Church. . . . Thorlac lived a holy life and after his death hundreds of miracles were attributed to his intercession..” See picture of Saint Thorlac Thorhallsson.



The Missionaries of Mercy and our collaborators have prayed for the intercession of St. Thorlac Thorhallsson on behalf of those affected by the following disasters:

Eyjafjallajoekull volcano eruption in Iceland  (March 2010) (Europe) See World Mission rosary Intentions March 29-April 11,2010.


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