Bl.Elias Nieves (Oct.11)

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October 11:

Blessed Elias del Socorro Nieves:

Patron Saint of Mexico



Feast Dates:

March 10

October 11



Extract from October 11 – Blessed Elias del Socorro Nieves: “Marco Elias Nieves del Castillo was born in the Isle of San Pedro, Yuriria (Guananjuato, Mexico) on 21 September 1882. He was the son of Ramon and Rita, two humble and deeply religious farmers. Early on he showed a great desire to become a priest but circumstances in life prevented it. At the age of twelve, a case of tuberculosis put him at the door of death and months later his father died at the hands of highwaymen. It was necessary for Elias to abandon his studies in order to be able to earn some money with which he could contribute to the support of his family. . . . Once ordained to the priesthood in 1916, he practiced his ministry in different localities of Bajio until 1921 when he was named parochial vicar of La Cañada de Caracheo. . . In this obscure center of scarce economic resources, devoid of sanitary services, public schools, and electricity, the works of Padre Nieves were not limited to the spiritual assistance of his flock. Having known all too well from his youth the meaning of manual labor and impoverishment, he was not burdened by the privations of poverty which he dealt with by way of a generous spirit, a jovial disposition, and confidence in divine providence. . . . At the end of 1926 when persecutions of the Church broke out, despite his timid character, instead of obeying the government order to reside in the big urban centers, he established himself in a cave near the hill of La Gavia, assuring his faithful in this way of religious assistance, usually under the cover of night. . . . In the fourteen months during which that situation lasted, someone to administer the sacraments or celebrate daily Mass was never lacking. . . .This clandestine effort came to an end the morning he stumbled across a posse of soldiers, whose attention was caught by what could be made out under his white peasant’s cloak as the vestments he used during his nocturnal ministry. Once interrogated he declared his status as a priest, and was arrested along with two ranchmen, the Sierra brothers, who had offered to accompany the priest. . . . the captain, facing the troops, gave the order to execute the two companions of Padre Nieves. . . . the captain (then) addressed Padre Nieves, saying ‘Now it is your turn; let us see if dying is like saying Mass.’ To which the servant of God responded, ‘You have spoken the truth, because to die for our religion is a pleasing sacrifice to God.’ He requested a few moments to collect his thoughts, then gave over his watch to the captain, gave his blessing to the soldiers kneeling to receive it, and began to recite the creed while they prepared the guns for his execution. His last words were ‘Long live Christ the King.’” See PICTURE of Bl. Elias del Socorro Nieves. See also: Blessed Elías del Socorro Nieves (EN), Blessed Elías del Socorro Nieves (EN), BLESSED ELIAS del SOCORRO NIEVESPriest & Martyr – AD 1928 (EN), Elías del Socorro, Beato (SP), Beato Elia del Soccorso (Matteo Nieves) Sacerdote agostiniano, martire (IT), Elías del Socorro Nieves (FR).


The Missionaries of Mercy and our collaborators have prayed for the intercession of Bl. Elias del Socorro Nieves on behalf of those affected by the following disasters:

Drug Related Violence in Juarez, Mexico (February 18-20, 2011) (America)See World Mission Rosary Intentions: February 28 – March 13, 2011.




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