Our Lady of Altotting(Aug.5)

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August 5

Saint Mary

Our Lady of Altotting

Patron Saint of Germany




August 5



Extract from Our Lady of Altotting::”The Shrine of Our Lady of Altötting became very popular towards the end of the fifteenth century, actually 1489, as a result of a major miracle.  A little child, about three years old, had gotten too close to the edge of the river, and had fallen in.  Not being able to swim, he drowned.  When his mother found the child, she lost control of her senses for a moment, and then heard an inner voice telling her to rush the dead body of the child to the Holy Chapel of Our Lady.  She ran for all she was worth to the Chapel and laid the body of her child on the Altar of Our Lady.  People who were in the church at the time joined the mother in praying for a miracle, which would bring the child back to life.  All said they felt an awesome presence coming from the image of Our Lady just prior to the miracle taking place. After praying and wailing for what seemed to be a long time, the mother felt life coming back into her child”  See picture of Our Lady of Altotting. and video:  Our Lady of Altotting.



The Missionaries of Mercy and our collaborators have prayed for the intercession of St. Mary, Our Lady of Altotting, on behalf of those affected by the following disasters:

Freeze in Germany (Winter 2009 – 2010) (Europe) See World Mission Rosary Intentions – January 18-31,2010.

For more information about St. Mary, Mother of Jesus, see Mother of Mercy.


That the Lord in His Divine Mercy – through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary – may build up His Kingdom,make these mysteries a reality in our lives, strengthen us in our common mission, and come to the aid of those for whom we pray.


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