S.Jane Frances de Chantal(Aug.12)

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August 12

Saint Jane Frances de Chantal

Patron Saint of Forgotten People,

Parents separated from Children,

Widows; against In-law Problems,

against the Death of Parents

Feast Dates:

August 12

August 18 (United States)


against in-law problems

against the death of parents

forgotten people

parents separated from children


Extract from SAINT JANE FRANCES de CHANTAL Foundress of the Order of the Visitation of The Blessed Virgin Mary (1572-1641): “At the age of sixteen, Jane Frances de Fremyot, already a motherless child, was placed under the care of a worldly-minded governess. In this crisis she offered herself to the Mother of God, and secured Mary’s protection for life. When a Protestant sought her hand in marriage, she steadily refused to marry ‘an enemy of God and His Church.’ . . . .  God had marked her for something higher than domestic sanctity. . . . Well might Saint Francis de Sales call her ‘the valiant woman.’ She founded under his direction and patronage the great Order of the Visitation. . . . The Congregation of the Visitation, whose purpose was to admit widows and persons of fragile health, not accepted elsewhere, was canonically established at Annecy on Trinity Sunday of 1610. The Order counted thirteen houses already in 1622, when Saint Francis de Sales died; and when the Foundress died in her seventieth year, there were eighty-six. Saint Vincent de Paul saw her soul rise up, like a ball of fire, to heaven. At her canonization in 1767, the Sisters in 164 houses of the Visitation rejoiced.” See PICTURES of Saint Jane Frances de Chantal. See also: Jane Frances de Chantal (Multilingual), St. Jane Frances de Chantal (EN), St. Jane Frances de Chantal,(EN), SANTA JUANA FRANCISCA FRÉMYOT DE CHANTAL, VIUDA (SP), Santa Giovanna Francesca de Chantal (IT), Jeanne de Chantal (FR), Św. Joanna Franciszka de Chantal – o przyjaźni (PO). VIDEOS: Saint Jane de Chantal (August 12), St. Jane Frances de Chantal: Brief Bio, Favorite Quotes, Thoughts, Patronage, and Prayer, Sts. Francis de Sales and Jane Frances de Chantal, Santos Francis de Sales y Jane Frances de Chantal. PRAYERS: Saint Jane Frances de Chantal on Prayer, Exhortations.



The Missionaries of Mercy and our collaborators have prayed for the intercession of St. Jane Frances de Chantal on behalf of those affected by the following disasters:

Those Forgotten Individuals Whose Bodies Were Buried in a Mass Grave in Los Angeles County, California (December 8, 2010) (America) See World Mission Rosary Intentions – December 20- January 2, 2011


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