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Patron Saints


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St. Agatha: Patron Saint against Fires,Volcanic Eruptions, Earthquakes,Disasters and Natural Disasters – February 5

St. Agnes of Rome: Patron Saint of Rape and Sexual Assault Victims – January 21

St. Amand of Maastrich: Patron Saint of Merchants – February 6

St. Anastasia: Healer from Poison – December 25

St. Angela Merici: Patron Saint of the Sick – January 27 

St. Arthelais of Benvento: Patron Saint of Kidnap Victims – March 3

St. Casimir: Patron Saint of Poland – March 4

St. Catherine of Siena: Patron Saint of the Sick, of Nurses, of Europe, Italy, against Fire, Floods and Temptation – April 29

St. Cecilia: Patron Saint of Music – November 22

St. Chad of Mercia: Prayer during Storms – March 2

St. Columbanus: Patron Saint against Floods – November 23

St. Emerentiana: Patron Saint against Abdominal Pain – January 23; September 16

Bl Elias del Socorro Nieves: Patron Saint of Mexico – March 10;   October 11

St. Eulalia of Barcelona: Patron Saint of Drought Relief – February 12

St. Florian: Patron Saint of Poland, Austria, Firefighters, Harvests; against Floods, Fires, Water Dangers, Battles, Drowning – May 4

St. Frances of Rome: Patron Saint of Motorists, Lay People, Widows, and Against the Death of Children – March 9

St Francis de Sales: Patron Saint of Journalists January 23; January 24

St. Francis of Assisi: Patron Saint of Peace, Ecology and against Fires – Sept. 17October 4

St. Francis of Paola:

St. Francis Xavier: Patron Saint of Missionaries, Apostleship of Prayer,Against Epidemics, of Australia, China, India,Japan, New Zealand,and Indianapolis – December 3

St. Gertrude of Nivelles: Patron Saint of the Poor and the Sick,of those with MentalDisorders, of Prisoners, of Travellers,of Travellers wishing to secure accomodations,of Cats, against Rats and Mice,of Gardeners, Hospitals and Pilgrims, of Widows and of the Recently Deceased – March 17

St. Gratus of Aosta: Patron Saint against Rain, Hail, Storms, Lightening, Fire and Animal Attacks – September 7

St. Heribert of Cologne: Patron Saint of Drought Relief – March 16

Bl. Jacinto Marto: Patroness of Prisoners and Those Who are Sick – February 20

St. Josephine Bakhita: Patron Saint of Sudan;Tentative Patron Saint ofHuman Trafficking and Slavery VictimsFebruary 8

St. Lufthild: Patron Saint of Homeless People and Child Abuse Victims – January 23

St. Margaret of Cortona: Patron Saint of Homeless People – February 22

St. Maria Goretti: Patron Saint of Rape Victims – July 6

St. Mary, Blessed Virgin, Holy Mother of God: Patron Saint of Columbia and Connecticut – January 1

St. Mary, Our of Guadalupe: Patron Saint of Mexico, the Americas, the Unborn and Against Abortion – December 12

St. Mary, Our Lady of Loreto: Patron Saint of Italy and of Aviation – May 9November 10; December 10.

St. Mary, Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary: Patron Saint of Guatemala – October 7

St. Mary, Our Lady, Queen of Peace: Patron Saint of War and Civilian Victims, Peace, El Salvador, Basilica of Yamoussoukro – January 17; January 24; July 8; July 9; September 22; November 21.

St. Paul the Apostle: Patron Saint of Greece – January 25; February 12; February 16; June 29; November 18

St. Peter Chanel: Patron Saint of Oceania – April 28

St. Peter Gonzalez: Patron Saint of Mariners – April 14.

St. Roch, Patron Saint of Diseases, Contagious Diseases, Cholera – August 16

St. Rose of Lima: Patron Saint of the Americas, the Philippines, Peru, the West Indies, India, Latin America, Central America August 23; August 30

St. Thérèse of Lisieux: Patron Saint of the Sick, Missionaries of Mercy, of Australia, Russia, Aviation and of Flower Growers – October 1

St. Thomas Aquinas: Patron Saint of Schools,and against Storms and Lightening January 28; March 7

St. Urban of Langres: Patrons saint

St. Valentine: Patron Saint of Travelers, Against Plagues – February 14

St. Walburga: Patrons Saint of Mariners and against Famine –  February. 25;  May 1;  September 24;  October 12;


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